On Friday 30th July 2010 I signed a publishing agreement with Onward Music Ltd
for my share as co-composer of the song  A Whiter Shade of Pale.  All legal and
financial matters relating to the lawsuit have now been settled to my satisfaction.
As far as I am concerned the matter is now closed and I sincerely hope that the
controversy is now over.
My very best wishes to you all

Joe Cocker - Just Like A Woman

It was the third attempt at recording a master of With A Little Help From My Friends. All versions of this track featured Tommy Eyre on Hammond and Chris Stainton on fretless bass. (It wasn't a purpose-built fretless - Chris had simply ripped all the frets from the neck of his Fender Precision!)

The first version used the guitarist and drummer from the Grease Band (whose names I never knew), but Denny Cordell wasn't satisfied so they tried again, this time using Stevie Winwood on guitar and Jim Capaldi on drums. Denny still wasn't happy, so now they were going to try B J Wilson and Jimmy Page.

I was there, purely as a spectator. Joe was totally unknown at this time, but everyone up at Essex Music was convinced he was going to be gigantic. I shared that view, having seen Joe perform at the Marquee club and heard the demos he and Chris had sent in to Denny. When I heard B J was going to be recording with Joe I just had to be there.

After a few takes, Denny was convinced they'd finally captured that elusive performance and they decided to use the remainder of the session to record Just Like A Woman. Denny asked me if I'd like to 'sit in', as Tommy was going to play piano. I knew Joe's version was based on the Ritchie Havens arrangement (with which I was quite familiar since I had a copy of the album) so I readily agreed.

Now, nearly 50 years later, I have to say that of all the records I've ever played on, this one gives me the warmest feeling. I wouldn't say it was a particularly inventive performance on my part, but I am quite satisfied with it. Most of all I remember how enjoyable that session was and how glad I was to be there.

Regrettably B J, Tommy and now Joe are no longer with us, but in this recording they will all live on.

Ian McLagan
Very sorry to hear of the death of Ian McLagan. If it wasn't for him I'd probably still be playing a Vox Continental.
(A few other lives would have been different, too.)
Rest in peace, Mac.

John Julian "Kellogs" Kalinowsky
who achieved immortality when he played bosun's whistle on A Salty Dog.

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