Procol Harum and 1984
In George Orwell's book, 1984, there is a passage in which the central character, Winston Smith, receives an instruction containing the phrase "doubleplusungood refs unpersons".  Smith works in the Records department of the Ministry of Truth, and his job is concerned with 'rectifying' news items that are now an embarrassment to the Party - in other words, rewriting history.
His instructions are always written in Newspeak, the official language, and "doubleplusungood" is Newspeak for "very bad indeed".  And what are "unpersons"?  They are people who have fallen foul of the Party and have been "erased".  They no longer exist; they never existed.
So I would imagine somebody received a similar message (though written in plain English) when the decision was taken to re-release the Procol Harum album The Prodigal Stranger.  It seems the original artwork featured doubleplusungood photos of unpersons (namely me and Keith Reid) that would now have to be eradicated.

(If you're looking for my version of J S Bach's Chorale Prelude BWV 659, it's here.)